Monday, November 25, 2013

Sex Trafficking- a rant

I never use this term cause it's dumb, but it's actually appropriate now.  WTF?!!!??  I just went to a symposium on slavery and sex trafficking at UVU.  ( Oh my gosh!  Are you kidding me?  What is going on here?  This world is so disgusting!  There's not an extreme enough word to describe how debased, horrible, and evil some people are.
The first shocker...  some people (ie refugees from other countries) are actually being kidnapped and robbed of their ORGANS to sell piecemeal to the highest bidders.

Then on sex trafficking, I'm afraid I actually swore out loud at the symposium when they showed this.  In Portland, people can "rent" a 10-year-old kid for the weekend, no questions asked.  OH MY GOD, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???!!!!!!!  (Not taking my God's name in vain here, but literally crying out to Him.)  I want to gather up every child and lock them somewhere safe!  This is so depraved and disgusting, I can't bear it.

How much of the pornography that YOU look at do you think is actually fully consensual?  People are being trafficked for prostitution and pornography all over the place.  And because we love and revere pornography so much, here's an interesting loophole...  prostitution is illegal in most places, so if you take one of those trafficked prostitutes and pay them for sex, you're committing a felony.  But, take that same person, FILM the sex and post it as pornography, pay them as a porn "performer" and guess what? It's legal!!!!  WTF again!!!???!!!

When will we see that Pornography is EVIL and needs to be done away with?!?  This really is the worst drug, evil people are making loads of money off it at everyone else's expense, and if YOU still think that watching porn on your own time does not hurt anyone....PLEASE stop lying to yourself.  You're hurting real people, even if you won't admit that it's hurting yourself (which it is), you do NOT know that the "performers" you're watching aren't actually trafficked individuals having their lives destroyed through constant rape and abuse, their families' lives threatened, etc.  Take away the demand and the supply would subside.  BOYCOTT PORNOGRAPHY!!!!

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